The commercial engineer is a very broad type of job that includes all sorts of roles in engineering work for companies. A commercial engineer can be engaged in aerospace, networks, or  any other kind of commercial infrastructure or product development. Commercial engineers  generally pursue engineering goals for their employers, usually related to research and development, product development, or other high-level commercial goals. They assist business  leaders in coming up with effective solutions that rely on a classical knowledge of mechanical  engineering, land use engineering, electrical engineering, or other kinds of similar fields.

A good definition of commercial engineering work is that commercial engineers apply mechanical or similar form of engineering to a for-profit context. They usually have well defined goals related to an end result that’s related to a target audience of buyers. That’s why commercial engineers may do so much work related to product development, and why they often have to work with those outside of an engineering department.

In Grupo Pastor, we seek to understand design challenges from our clients’ perspective and deliver solutions that result in vibrant, practical, and inspiring places for people to work, visit, and socialize. With proven creativity, reliability, experience, and understanding of commercial development concerns, we have built a reputation in our industry for achieving our clients’ objectives while meeting their time and budgetary needs.