Grupo Pastor offers diverse and comprehensive architectural and engineering design and consulting services for the project design and construction management. Grupo Pastor provides a flexible approach to the requirements of the organization by the partial services such as: taking the concepts of design, advanced and detailed design stage of a full-time service, treats including feasibility studies, due diligence and transfer processes. Grupo Pastor believes that the quality and environmental protection is a priority factor in development activities and presence in the market, the management and implementation of projects, the construction and development of high quality homes. Guidelines and objectives, the quality and the environment are reflected in the quality policy and the environment is determined by its Grupo Pastor Management Committee. This guide is:

► Quality in order to meet all customer requirements.
►The method of obtaining quality and environmental planning and avoid, rather than to examine the following.
►Quality and environmental friendliness of projects becomes a strategic advantage over our competitors. General objectives, defined as the commitments that they pastor GROUP, the daily use of the recommendations:
►To ensure that the services meet the specifications, technical and environmental standards and legal and regulatory requirements, customer requirements are determined and met with providing.
► Continuously improve the efficiency of the management system, training programs and educational technology, quality and the environment, which provides the resources at any time and that adequate monitoring and measurement products and processes and the analysis of the information obtained